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Hér fyrir neðan getur þú fundið margar sögur af fyrrverandi nemendum QUT!

Ewa Hamerlinksa, Poland

Studied at: Queensland Univerversity of Technology
Faculty: Creative Industries
Course: Master of CI (Animation) graduate


The Master of Creative Industries gave me the flexibility to design my study around the specific areas of animation that were of most interest to me. I gained significant technical skills as well as how to apply entrepreneurial principles in the context of creative industries. I had the opportunity to work with professional artists, musicians, creative writers and designers, which was great professional networking for my future goal of becoming an animator or creative director in multimedia and film.



Hanne Aasen, Norway

Studied at: Queensland Univerversity of Technology
Faculty: Masters of Business Advanced
Course: Study Abroad


Studying an Advanced Masters Degree allowed me to specialise solely in my key interest, marketing. The subjects were both creative and practical, and really opened my eyes to new ways of thinking. The skills I developed helped me land a job as a Brand Manager at the largest consumer goods company in Norway. Every day I use the knowledge I acquired at QUT to construct marketing strategies and plans for my brands. The help and follow up from my professors was beyond what I could have expected, and far better than other universities I have attended. Being innovative is a big part of marketing, and the real cases we studied helped me to develop analytical and creative skills that will keep me ahead in the competitive marketing industry.



Magnus Larsen, Norway

Studied at: Queensland Univerversity of Technology
Course: Study Abroad student


The island dreaming orientation camp was the best possible way to start my time with QUT. I made lots of good friends and the atmosphere at the beach was so relaxing and enjoyable. We had so much fun trying out all the activities - I especially enjoyed the kayak surfing!



Ville Sillanpaa, Finland

Studied at: Queensland Univerversity of Technology
Course: Exchange


When I first arrived getting around the city and campuses was very easy, everything you need is close at hand so you don't have to travel far. The people are friendly and the staff on campus are very helpful and professional  - I love to barbeque in the park with friends and the good weather here in Brisbane is perfect for it.



Alexander Svaetichin and Eirik Fjellaksel, Norway and Sweden

Studied at: Queensland Univerversity of Technology
Course: Creative Industries graduates


It was at QUT that we developed a love of flash programming, and the University's Creative Industries faculty was the perfect environment to learn its infinite creative potential. After graduating, we created our own digital agency named Good Morning, which is a reflection of our ambition to deliver outcomes that exceed the expectations and challenges of every new day. We have developed sites for Peugeot, Amnesty International, Doritos and many other international customers.



Joke Fokke, The Netherlands

Studied at: Queensland Univerversity of Technology
Faculty: Health
Course: Masters by Research (Behavioural Science)


I chose to conduct part of my Masters research thesis at QUT because my supervisor in the School of Psychology and Counselling is an expert in her field. Brisbane is a great city to live in as there's a mix of nationalities, a nice outdoors lifestyle and you experience the Australian culture.



Hamdan E. Bustillo, Norway

Studied at: Queensland Univerversity of Technology
Faculty: School of Business
Course: Study Abroad


Embarking on my postgraduate studies it was important to choose the right course that was international recognised and practical assessment. QUT's business units are very professional and my experience will be sort by future employers. I've been inspired to start my own investment company and the staff at QUT are very friendly and supportive - they've encouraged me to pursue my dream. My second great love is sports, especially rugby, Brisbane have many great stadiums to watch live games and events.



Vejux Vaiora, French Polynesia

Studied at: Queensland Univerversity of Technology Faculty: Science & Technology Course: Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Systems) Graduate


I was very focussed throughout my study and I found QUT staff and my fellow students very supportive in managing the study load. The skills and technical knowledge I have gained through my information technology degree has equipped me to pursue a career as a network engineer, and hopefully one day even create my own company. I studied hard but also made time to enjoy lots of activities, including skydiving!



Santiago Saavedra, Colombia

Studied at: Queensland Univerversity of Technology Faculty: Business Course: Bachelor of Business (Public Relations)


Studying Public Relations at QUT has helped me gain a deep insight into the current industry and its many demands. This is helped by the teaching staff, who are directly involved with the most reputable firms. In many of our subjects, we work for a real client, with a real issue or opportunity, which we use as the basis of projects and assignments.


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