University of Western Australia

Building at University of Western Australia

University of Western Australia

UWA is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Australia. UWA has a wide range of programs, and is considered one of the leading research universities in the country. The university is beautifully situated near Swan River. The campus has large green spaces and imposing sandstone buildings.

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Why study the University of Western Australia?

UWA is located in Perth, Western Australia and is known for the quality of its curriculum that attracts good students and lecturers from around the world. UWA has strong focus on research, but is also ranked No. 2 in Australia for the quality of the curriculum at undergraduate level. Although it is a large university you get very good support from lecturers and there is focus on group teaching and project work. The atmosphere on campus is very good, with green spaces, peacocks wandering around, and an active student center offering all the services you need. Perth offers a warm climate all year round and the beautiful beaches are popular.

Academic reputation

UWA is a member of "Group of Eight", the Australian co-operation between research universities. In 2009 UWA was described as "an excellent, high-quality, well organized university with a broad vision" by the Australian assessment body for higher education. UWA is also ranked second in Australia for its bachelor programs.

Main areas of study

Business, psychology, sports science, history, philosophy, archeology, anthropology, science.


Number of students: 21,000
Number of international students: 4,500
Degrees and tuition fees:

  • Study Abroad approx. EUR6,700 per semester
  • Undergraduate approx. EUR6,800 per semester
  • Post Graduate (master, diploma) from approx. EUR7,100 per semester
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