University of Western Australia

Main building at University of Western Australia

Student life at University of Western Australia

UWA’s main campus is located in the suburb of Crawley, next to Perth's financial center. This is about 10 minutes by bus from downtown Perth, and about 20 minutes from the coast.

The campus covers a large area, with the Swan River flowing by. Large trees provide shade to cool off in, and there is also an outdoor reading room in case the library is too cold. The campus is often described as one of Australia's most picturesque and consists of both old buildings worthy of preservation and new modern buildings.


UWA has a large library, many computer rooms, sports center and swimming pool, cafes, pub, bookstore, bank, and numerous clubs you can get involved in. UWA has also invested heavily in modern laboratory and research facilities.


It is easy to get to Crawley by bus. Otherwise, bicycle is the easiest form of transportation if you live nearby. It can be difficult to find parking on campus, since many come by car due to the long distances in the city.


UWA has standard on-campus student housing located right by the university. It is recommended to stay here at least one or two semesters. Otherwise, it is relatively easy to find housing in Perth usually sharing with other students. The private rental market can be a cheaper option than on-campus student housing.

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