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Monkey Mia, north of Perth

Study in Perth

Perth is the capital of the State of Western Australia, and is considered the world's most isolated city. Perth has over 1.6 million inhabitants and a third of Western Australia's population lives in Perth.

The nearest big city to Perth is Adelaide, which is over 2,000 kilometers away. Perth is in the same zone as 60% of the world's population, and is a natural multicultural gathering point. If you want a break from city life in Perth, the city's surrounding area has much to offer. Along the coast there are small towns, idyllic beaches and stunning scenery. You will for example find Rottnest Island a short ferry ride away, which offers crystal clear water and white sand beaches. A few hours south of Perth you will find the small town of Margaret River, famous for its wine production. Also south of Perth is the small port town of Fremantle which is a popular resort for tourists and Perth's inhabitants.

Life in Perth

Studying in Australia is about more than just the study program itself, it is about experiencing a new culture, meeting new people and learning more about you. Perth is Australia's fourth largest city; it is known for its clear blue skies and white beaches, perfect for a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. In Perth the living standard is high, and the city has been ranked by the Economist Intelligent Unit as one of the world's five best cities to live in. The well-developed transportation system, which is subsidized for students, makes it easy and comfortable to get around and experience the areas and nature around Perth. Naturally most of Perth's population is of English descent, but the city also has a high number of residents with Italian and Greek roots. In recent years many people from Singapore and Malaysia have settled in Perth.


Perth has a warm, dry Mediterranean climate, with warm (sometimes hot) summers and mild winters. The average temperature in December-February is 28°C, while it is 17°C in winter (June-August).

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