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Frásögn nemanda úr Thompson Rivers University

Þú hefur lesið um hvað háskólinn er frábær og hversu æðisleg borgin er með sínum fjölda afþreyinga - en hvernig reynsla er það að vera námsmaður í Thomson Riversa University? Lestu hér hvað fyrrum nemandi hefur um málið að segja!

Nafn: Stine
Námsleið: Study Abroad - ein önn í sálfræði. 

Stine - nemandi í Thompson Rivers University, Kanada 

"I would recommend everybody to come and study at the Thompson Rivers University, it is a great opportunity to get to know another culture and the whole 'studying abroad' gives you a great experience which can be useful in the future - not just for your future career but also for your personal development. The city is small but cozy, there are pubs and bars, a lot of options to go out to dance and hear some music so it nevers becomes boring here. 

I took some courses in psychology, which I can transfer to my university when I get back to Denmark. I really evolved personally a lot during my Study Abroad period at TRU. Studying abroad is a valuable experience which I'll take with me for the rest of my life."


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